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Victorian St.Albans

The Victorian times were the age of massive expansion for the town. This walk takes us from the medieval to the age of steam, the railways, factories and even the pioneering days of cinema (hear about the first ever film advertisement)!

There were many changes in the town, including a new prison whose entrance will be recognisable to all fans of ‘Porridge’.

Date and time Sunday 1st July 2018
Starting point The walk will start from outside the front of the Old Town Hall (AL3 5DJ)
Tickets £5 Adults, £2 Children

All tickets can be bought:
- online at
- or from the guide on the walk.
Address and contact details
Old Town Hall, St Peters Street, St Albans
Postcode: AL3 5DJ
Tel: 01727 864511 (Visitor Information Centre)

Old Town Hall, St Peters Street, St Albans
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