Roman Theatre of Verulamium

Roman Theatre of Verulamium

Just a short walk from Verulamium Museum is the Roman Theatre, the only visible example of its kind in Britain. It was linked to two temples dedicated to Romano-British gods and would have been used primarily at times of religious festivals but also for armed combat and wild beast shows. Its fine acoustics were perfectly suited to musical and dramatic performances. Close by are the foundations of a Roman town house, a secret shrine and a row of Roman shops.

The Roman Theatre of Verulamium is unique. Built in about 140AD it is the only example of its kind in Britain, being a theatre with a stage rather than an Amphitheatre. Initially, the arena would have been used for anything from religious processions and dancing, to wrestling, armed combat and wild beast shows. From about 180AD the stage came into greater use and the auditorium extended. By about 300AD, after some redevelopment work, the Theatre could seat 2000 spectators.

The ruins one can see today were unearthed in 1847. Subsequent excavations have revealed a row of shop foundations, a Roman Villa and a secret shrine, all thought to date from the First Century. Subsequent excavations in 1957 and 1961 revealed a row of shop foundations, a Roman Villa and a secret shrine, all thought to date from the First Century.

The theatre has been refurbished in 2014 to include new steps, pathways and handrails. There is now improved, yet limited disabled access. The Theatre is available to book for cultural entertainment.

Opening hours Opening hours: 1000–1700 hrs daily. (1000–1600 hrs in winter)
Admission Charges Adults £2.50
Students & OAPs £2.00
Children (5 - 16) £1.50 Under 5’s free.
School Groups of any size welcome.
Teachers and helpers free, children £1.00 per child.
Guided Tours can be arranged.

Joint Adult Ticket with Verulamium Museum - £6.50
Joint Child Ticket with Verulamium Museum- £3.50
Joint Concession Ticket with Verulamium Museum- £5.00 
Joint family Ticket with Verulamium Museum- £16.00
How to get here Please refer to the Roman Theatre's Website www.gorhamburyestate.co.uk/The-Roman-Theatre

Please note that there is limited parking available at the site. Further parking is available outside the St Albans Verulamium Museum where you can also view treasures excavated from the Roman Theatre site.
Booking and enquiries For school bookings and general enquiries, please call the Roman Theatre office on 01727 835035.

For theatrical and filming requests, please contact Strutt and Parker on:
01727 840285 or enquiries@gorhamburyestate.co.uk
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