St Albans Visitor Brand


As part of the Visitor Economy Strategy work, a new brand has been created:

- To support the St Albans Visitor Economy Strategy in our key objectives to grow visitor numbers and spend
- To design an experiential brand that delivers a clear message to potential visitors about why they should visit and what they will find when they get here
- To position St Albans as a relevant, lively and aspirational destination without losing sight of its history and continuity.

The origin of the brand

To appropriately portray the character of St Albans 'found' lettering from around the city and local areas was brought together to create a unique and relevant identity. You can see where each of the letters came from by clicking here.

Brand usage guidelines

Coming soon - if you would like to find out more about the branding and how it can be used, contact Jenny Swatton by phone on 01727 819492 or email

St Albans Visitor Partnership

The new visitor brand was created as part of the work of the St Albans Visitor Partnership. Find out more about the partnership here. The Visitor Partnership is working to implement the Visitor Economy Strategy. Click here to find out more about the Visitor Economy Strategy for the city and district.