St Albans Seasonal Salad

Download your recipe card here! The #KidsCookalong is a new venture from the St Albans & Harpenden Food & Drink Festival Team, giving young people across the district the opportunity to enjoy making and eating good, healthy, local food. Created by Ren Behan and hand illustrated by Stu McLellan for the Festival, the recipe cards for the "St Albans Seasonal Salad" have been made available throughout the district to encourage children to have a go at home.


St Albans Charter Market on 26 September and 3 October will have your vegetable ingredients for 'Pound a Bowl'. Look out for the signs! You may be one of the lucky recipients of the free couscous being offered to 150 young people by EatWholeFoods (the pulse and health food stall outside BHS/Café Roma) too!